Both Addie and Elliot had a really excellent summer at KBY.  I am beyond impressed at the thoughtfulness, care and spirit of fun that carried across your whole staff.  Both kids developed new skills they are proud of, without expressing that they were pushed too hard or that it was not fun -- which has been a problem with other camps.  The balance was just right with KBY.  They both made really nice friends.  The kids will be back next summer, and I would recommend the camp to anyone who asks.

- Margaret Donohoe, mother

Jackson LOVES camp. He's having the best time this summer so far. Last year he wasn't a fan of swimming as much, but this year he wakes up those days and tells me he can't wait to go. And he also looks at the calendar on the fridge and likes to tell me how sad he is about all the days he is NOT going. He's definitely a fan! :)

- Andrea Lansing, mother

I love this camp. It makes me happy to see him so happy. This camp is just awesome. This is my every year camp for sure.

- Monica Siguenza, mother

I want to let you know that Gabriella LOVES camp.  She is always chatting about her trips and activities and all of the fun things she does every day. 

- Aleyda Meyers, mother


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